Guidelines for obtaining Aerodrome Licence


What are pre-requisite conditions for an aerodrome site approval for public/ private use category aerodromes?


(a) In principle approval and site clearance for Greenfield aerodromes for under public use category is given by Steering Committee in MoCA as per Greenfield Airport Policy.

(b) Site clearance for private use and cargo aerodromes is given by DGCA as per CAR Section 4, Series F, Part I.


What are the guidelines for issue of aerodrome license?


DGCA CAR Section 4, Series F, Part-I (available on DGCA website) specifies the detailed requirements for obtaining aerodrome license. Directorate of Aerodrome Standards in DGCA is the nodal agency for issue of aerodrome license.


From where can I find the application form and the details of the documents to be submitted along with the application form for obtaining aerodrome license?

(a)  CAR Compliance Check List

(b)  Licensing Fee (to be paid online, receipt to be attached)

(c)  Aerodrome Manual

(d)  SMS Manual

(e)  Other documents mentioned in the CAR.


What are the timelines for issue of aerodrome license?

What is the design criteria for aerodrome?


What is the validity period of aerodrome license and license fee for obtaining aerodrome license?


What are the guidelines for preparing Aerodrome Manual?



Where can one find all rules and regulations related to Aerodromes?