SUBJECT Related Rules/Regulations
Classification, licensing, usage and related fee / tariff for the Aerodromes Part XI of the Aircraft Rules, 1937

CAR Section 4 Series 'B' Part I 
(Aerodrome Design and Operations)

CAR Section 4 Series 'B' Part III  

CAR Section 4 Series 'B' Part IV - Exemption procedure for non-compliance at aerodromes.

Aerodrome Advisory Circular 1 of 2006  
(Guidelines for preparation & maintenance of Aerodrome Manual)
AD AC 2 of 2009 - Preparation of Action Plan for addressing non-compliance and inspection observations 
AD AC 3 of 2009 - Equipment for Aerodrome Standardization personnel at Licensed Aerodromes
AIC 22 of 1992 - Cancelled
(Guidelines  for  issue  of  an   Aerodrome Licence)
CAR Section 4 Series 'F' Part I - Requirements for issue of an Aerodrome Licence
Aerodrome Surveillance Checklist