File No. 3/2/94-AIS

In exercise of the powers conferred by Rule 39B and 133A of the Aircraft Rules, 1937, the following requirements are hereby issued for information, guidance and compliance.


Director General of Civil Aviation


File No. Misc./2/95/ADGMS


  1. At present resting ECG is carried out as a part of Class I medical examination of flight crew for all commercial pilots licences every 2 years between the ages of 30 and 40 years and every year thereafter. No biochemical tests are carried out as a routine.
  2. In the interest of flight safety, henceforth, the following additional tests will be carried out as a part of the aforesaid Class I medical examination of flight crew.
  3. (a) STRESS TEST

    i. Type of Test

    Treadmill stress test (maximal computerised, with online monitoring and 12 lead display).

    ii. Periodicity

    Every five years after reaching age of 35 years till 55 years, and every two years thereafter.


    i. Hb TLC DLC

    ii. Blood Urea

    iii. Serum Creatinine

    iv. Lipid Profile

    v. Blood Sugar fasting & 2 hours post glucose

    vi. S. Uric Acid

    vii. S. Bilirubin

    viii. SGOT/SGPT

    The biochemical profile tests should coincide with the periodic stress test as laid down in para 2(a)(ii) above.

  4. Medical examinations of flight crew who are due for the tests listed at para 2 above will be conducted at AFCME/IAM only.
  5. The tests should be carried out at well established and recognised laboratories under own/Airline/Flying Club arrangement, preferably within a month prior to the due date of medical examination. The full records including the tracing of the treadmill test along with reports should be made available at medical examination, to be conducted at AFCME/IAM.

This circular should be read along with AIC 1/1987. 


Director General of Civil Aviation