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49. Type certificate for an aircraft, aircraft component and items of equipment, designed or manufactured in India and issue of type Certificate

49A. Issue of Type certificate to an aircraft, aircraft component and items of equipment imported in India

49B. Validation of type certificate for aircraft, aircraft components and items of equipment imported in India

49C. Type certificate aircraft categories

49D. Cancellation, suspension or endorsement on Type certificate

50. Certificate of airworthiness

50A. Conditions necessary for certificate of airworthiness and inspection, overhaul of aircraft

51. Flight Manual

52. Modification and repairs

53. Use of materials, processes, parts and periodical overhaul of aircraft

53A. Manufacture, storage and distribution of all aircraft

54. Persons authorised to certify

55. Suspension or cancellation of certificate of airworthiness and its continued validy

56. Indian aircraft operating outside India

57. Instruments and equipment

58. Weight and balance

59. Defects and defective parts

59A. Defects in a foreign aircraft

60. Maintenance standards and certification

61. Licensing of aircraft maintenance engineers

61A. Validation of licences of foreign Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

62. Fees

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