111. Proof of competency—(1) An applicant for grant and renewal of any licence and ratings shall produce proof of having acquired the competency and having passed satisfactorily the tests and examinations specified in Schedule III in respect of the licence or rating.


     (2)   The Director General may, exempt a person who is a qualified Air Traffic Controller from Indian Air force or Indian Navy and who produces satisfactory evidence to show that he possesses the necessary experience, competency and standard of physical fitness as required under these rules from all or any of the examinations and medical or other technical examinations.


     (3)  The Director-General may, on examination of the syllabi, determine the relative equivalence of examinations for granting exemptions to such applicants from passing the examinations required under Schedule III.

     (4) The Director-General may, require any candidate or training organisation to produce for examination all relevant training records, including the syllabi, certificates, mark-sheets, on-the-job training test reports, assessments, etc., in respect of the candidate who has undergone a course of training, with such training establishment.


[Inserted by GSR No 64(E) dated 3-2-2012]



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