114. Approved training organization. (1) The Director-General, on being satisfied, may approve a training organisation for conducting an approved training course for students to enable them to attain the level of competency required for obtaining a licence or rating specified in rule 95.

(2) The training organisation shall prepare a Training and Procedures Manual containing the information specified by the Director-General and get it approved by the Director-General.

(3) The approval of a training organisation shall, unless suspended or cancelled, remain valid for a period not exceeding five years, which may be renewed for a period not exceeding five years at a time, subject to the terms and conditions specified by the Director-General.

(4) A training organisation shall, in the manner specified by the Director-General, pay, a fee of,

(a) four lakh rupees for grant of approval; and
(b) two lakh rupees for renewal or extension of scope of approval on each occasion.

(5) The approved training organisation shall not impart any training leading to grant of licence or ratings, other than those included in its scope of approval, as approved by the Director-General.


(6) The training records of the organisation shall be maintained in a manner specified by the Director-General and shall be produced on demand to the Director-General or any other officer authorised by him in this behalf.


[Inserted by GSR No 64(E) dated 3-2-2012; and

Amended by GSR 1089(E) dated 05-11-2018]



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