115. Record of experience and logging of on-watch period (1) Every licence holder shall maintain a personal log book in the form specified by the Director-General and log the actual watch period during which he has performed any duty for exercising the privileges of his licence or ratings, or for on-the-job-training.

(2)        All entries in log books shall be made either in ink or logged electronically.

(3)        Log books shall be preserved for not less than five years after the date of the last entry therein.

(4)        (a) Every licence holder shall certify the accuracy of the entries in his log book with respect to the watch period at least at the end of each calendar month.

(b) At the end of every quarter, the  log books shall be certified for correctness of entries therein by the in-charge of the air traffic services unit, or any other person authorised to do so by the Director-General.  

(5)        The watch time during which a licence holder is under on-the-job training shall be entered in his log book as “on the job training” and the instructor shall also countersign the entries in the log book of the licence holder indicating the nature of the training given.

(6)        The instructor shall log as watch period in his log book the period during which he acts as an Instructor and the log entries shall indicate in the remarks column that the time was logged for instructional purpose.


[Inserted by GSR No 64(E) dated 3-2-2012]



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