13. Photograph at aerodromes or from aircraft in flight - No person shall take, or cause or permit to be taken, at a Government aerodrome or from an aircraft in flight, any photograph except in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions of a permission in writing granted by the Director-General, a Joint Director General, a Deputy Director-General or the Director of Regulations and Information of the Civil Aviation Department :

Provided that the Director-General from time to time, may, by notification in the official Gazette, direct that these restrictions shall not apply to photography at any Government aerodrome, or within such limits of any Government aerodrome as may be specified in the order. See S.O. 1353 (E)

[Amended by SRO No. 380 dated 28-1-1957]

[Amended by G.S.R. 813(E) dated 21-11-2008]

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                AIC 7 of 2004 - Permission of photography inside an aircraft