132. Suspension, cancellation or withdrawal of a certificate (1) The Director-General may, by giving notice in writing to the holder of a certificate, impose any condition or suspend or cancel the certificate, if there are reasonable grounds to believe that —


(a)           there has been a breach of any condition to which the certificate is subject; or

(b)           the facilities, operations or maintenance are not of the standard necessary in the interests of the safety of air traffic services or air navigation.


(2) The Director-General shall give a show cause notice to the holder of certificate before suspending or cancelling a certificate stating —

(a) the facts and circumstances which justify the suspension or cancellation; and

(b)           ask the holder of the certificate to submit explanation in writing, within thirty days from the date of receipt of the show cause notice.

(3) The Director-General shall, before taking a decision take into account all facts and pass an appropriate order.

(4) If the holder of a certificate wishes to surrender a certificate, the holder shall give not less than sixty days’ notice in writing of the date on which the holder wishes the certificate to be surrendered.


 [Inserted by – GSR No. 31(E) dated 14-1-2015]