134. Scheduled Air Transport Services- (1) No person shall operate any Scheduled air transport service from, to, in, or across India except with the permission of the Central Government, granted under and in accordance with and subject to the provisions contained in Schedule XI :

Provided that any person already permitted and operating scheduled air transport services before commencement of the Aircraft (Second Amendment) Rules, 1994, or any successor to such person under section 3 of the Air Corporation (Transfer of Undertaking and Repeal Ordinance, 1994 (Ord. 4 of 1994), may continue operation of such services subject to the provisions of sub-rule (1A).

(1A) The Central Government may, with a view to achieving better regulation of air transport services and taking into account the need for air transport services of different regions in the country, direct, by general or special order issued from time to time, that every operator operating any scheduled air transport service shall render service in accordance with the conditions specified in such order including any condition relating to their due compliance.

(2) The Central Government may permit any air transport undertaking of which the principal place of business is in any country outside India to operate a scheduled air transport service from, to, or across India in accordance with the terms of any agreement for the time being in force between the Government of India and the Government of that country, or, where there is no such agreement, of a temporary authorization by the Government of India.

 [Subtituted by SRO No. 768 dated 2-4-1955 and

amended by GSR 1087 dated 19-7-1965,

GSR No. 117(E) dated 25-2-1994, and

GSR No 643(E) dated 29-7-2010.]