134B. Aerial Work. – (1) No person shall undertake any aerial work unless he holds an authorisation issued by the Director-General:

Provided that any person holding a valid Non-Scheduled Operator’s Permit granted under sub-rule (2) of rule 134A may undertake aerial work without holding such authorisation, subject to compliance with such requirements as specified by the Director-General.

(2) The Director-General shall issue an authorisation for undertaking aerial work to any person on receipt of an application in prescribed format and on being satisfied that the requirements as specified in this behalf have been met. The continued validity of the authorisation shall be subject to compliance of such conditions as specified by the Director-General.

(3) The authorisation granted under sub-rule (2) shall, unless suspended or cancelled, remain valid for a period not exceeding two years, which shall be renewed for a period not exceeding two years at a time.

(4) A fee of Rs. 50,000/- shall be payable for grant of authorisation under this rule and Rs. 25,000/- for renewal thereof. The fee shall be paid in a manner specified by the Director-General.

(5) The Director General, on being satisfied that —

(i) any of the conditions of the authorisation has not been complied with by the holder of the authorisation, or

(ii) the authorisation was obtained by suppressing any information or by giving wrong information, or

(iii) the security clearance of the holder of the authorisation has been withdrawn or denied by the Central Government, Ministry of Home Affairs, shall cancel or suspend the authorisation issued under this rule, for such period as he thinks fit:

Provided that no such authorisation shall be cancelled or suspended without giving a show cause notice, in writing, informing the holder of authorisation the ground on which it is proposed to suspend or cancel the authorisation and giving him a reasonable opportunity of making a representation in writing within such reasonable time as specified in the notice and, if that person so desires, of being heard.

(6) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule (5), if the Director-General is of the opinion that in the interest of public safety or national security it is necessary so to do, he may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, summarily suspend the authorisation till the deficiencies are resolved to the satisfaction of Director-General.”

[Inserted by GSR No 643(E) dated 29-7-2010; and

Substituted by GSR 1096(E) dated 9-11-2018]