135. Filing of tariff showing fares, rates and charges- (1) Every operator of an air transport service operating in accordance with rule 134 shall, with effect from a date to be notified in this behalf by the Director-General, file with the Director-General, a tariff showing fares, rates and charges for air transportation to and from India between the points served by it and by any other operator when through service and through rates had been established, and showing also all classifications, rules, regulations, practices and services in connection with such air transportation including the rates, terms and conditions of commission payable to the passenger or cargo sales agents.

(2) If an operator is participating in a joint tariff with other airlines, a separate declaration shall also be filed with the Director-General confirming the applicability of the joint tariff.

(2A) Separate tariff shall apply to passengers and cargo transportation.

(2B) A tariff (including a joint tariff) or any amendment thereof under sub-rule (2C) shall be filed at least thirty days in advance of its introduction and may be in the book form or the loose leaf form as may be necessary and shall be published in the manner and shall contain the information specified for the purpose in Schedule XII to these rules :

Provided that in certain cases, with the permission of the Director-General, in writing, a tariff or any amendment thereof may be filed within less than thirty days before introduction of the tariff.

(2C) (a) A tariff (including a joint tariff) may be amended either by issuing a supplement to that tariff or by issuing a new tariff in supersession of any existing tariff.

(b) If the tariff is in loose leaf form, each leaf shall contain the name of the carrier, tariff number, original page number, or revised batch number, as the case may be.

(3) The Director-General may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, reject any tariff so filed under this rule and any tariff so rejected shall be ineffective.

[Omitted by SRO No. 768 dated 2-4-1955 and

reintroduced by GSR No. 324 dated 17-2-1972 and

amended by GSR No. 2386 dated 26-8-1975]

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