135B. Changes in tariff of fares, rates and charges and production of records- (1) No change shall be made in fares, rates and charges or in classifications, rules, regulations, practices or services affecting such fares, rates and charges or value of the services thereunder specified in any effective tariff including any change in the terms or conditions of the commission payable to the passenger or cargo sales agents except after previous approval by the Director-General.

(2) An application for such changes shall be made to the Director-General at least thirty days in advance.

(3) The Director-General may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, revise or disallow any change.

(4) The revised tariff shall, after approval by the Director-General, be published in such form and manner as may be prescribed under rule 135.

(5) All or any of the records relating to tariff required to be maintained under these rules shall, on demand, by the Director-General or any of the officers authorised by him, by general or special order in writing, be produced for inspection.

[Omitted by SRO No. 768 dated 2-4-1955

reintroduced by GSR No. 324 dated 17-2-1972, and

amended by GSR No. 2386 dated 26-8-1975]

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