13A. Carriage of photographic apparatus in aircraft- (1) No camera or other apparatus for recording photographic impressions shall be carried in any aircraft except where -

(a) the permission for taking photographs from the air has been granted by any of the officers empowered under rule 13; or

(b) the carriage of a camera or such other apparatus by any person in the aircraft is permitted by general or special order in writing by the Director-General, a Deputy Director-General or the Director of Regulations and Information of the Civil Aviation Department, subject to such conditions and limitations as may be specified in that order.

(2) Any customs officer, any aerodrome officer and any other person specially authorised in this behalf by the Director-General may search any aircraft or any person therein and may, without prejudice to any other remedy, seal any camera or other apparatus for recording photographic impressions, or a bag containing cameras or such apparatus which in his opinion is being or is about to be carried in the aircraft in contravention of sub-rule (1), and no person shall tamper with any such seal until the camera or apparatus or bag is removed from the aircraft.

[Amended by GSR No. 783 dated 16-6-1972]

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