140B. Operations Manual- (1) An Operations Manual in the form approved by the Director-General, shall be maintained by the every operator engaged in air transport services.

(2) The Operations Manual shall, in addition to any other relevant information, contain the following that is to say :-

                (a)           instructions outlining the responsibilities of operations personnel pertaining to the conduct of flight operations,

                (b)           the flight crew for each stage of all routes to be flown including the designation of the succession of command,

                (c)           in-flight procedure,

                (d)           emergency flight procedure,

                (e)           the minimum safe flight altitude for each route to be flown,

                (f)            the circumstances in which a radio listening watch is to be maintained,

                (g)           a list of the navigational equipments to be carried.

(3) A copy of the Operations Manual, or such part of the Manual as may be prescribed by the Director-General, shall be carried in all aircraft engaged in air transport services.

[Inserted by SRO No. 768 dated 2-4-1955, 

amended by GSR No. 1087 dated 19-7-1965 and

GSR No. 413 dated 23.7.2001]

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