158A. Aircraft registered in or belonging to a foreign State- Except as provided in rules 134 and 158, no aircraft registered in, or belonging to a foreign State, shall be flown into, over, across or within India except with the prior permission of the Director-General and except in accordance with such terms and conditions as he may think fit to impose while granting such permission :

Provided that the Director-General may, by general or special order, exempt any aircraft or class or aircraft either generally or in respect of any specified flight from the provisions of this rule.

Note:- For the purpose of this rule, foreign aircraft falling under sub-rule(3) of rule 1 shall be deemed as aircraft registered in India and Indian aircraft falling under sub-rule(4) of rule 1 shall be deemed as aircraft not registered in India.

 [Inserted by GSR No. 83, dated 1-1-1966 and further amended vide GSR No. 150(E) dated 04-03-2009]

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