15A. Operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System. (1) No remotely piloted aircraft of all-upweight more than 250 grams shall be flown unless such aircraft has been allotted a Unique Identification Number by the Director-General.

(2) A remotely piloted aircraft with all up weight exceeding a limit as specified by the Director-General from time to time shall not be flown by the operator, save, as per the conditions of the permit issued by the Director-General. Such permit shall be granted by the Director-General on being satisfied that the applicant meets the requirements as specified by the Director-General in this behalf. The continued validity of the permit shall be subject to compliance of such conditions as may be stipulated by the Director-General in the permit.

(3) The permit granted under sub-rule (2) shall, unless suspended or cancelled, remain valid for a period not exceeding five years, and may be renewed for a period not exceeding five years at a time.

(4) In case of non-compliance with the conditions of the permit or for any other violation of the provisions of these rules, the Director-General may suspend or cancel the permit after giving a show cause notice to the holder.

(5) The fee for issue of unique identification number for a remotely piloted aircraft shall be rupees 1000 only.

(6) The following fees shall be payable for, grant and renewal of permit to operate a remotely piloted aircraft:

(i) for grant of permit: Rupees 25,000 only;

(ii) for renewal of permit: Rupees 10,000 only.

(7) The fee shall be paid in the manner as specified by the Director-General.

[Inserted by GSR No. 1358 dated 01-11-2017]

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