17. Production of licences, etc. - Any licence (other than a licence issued under Part XIII), certificate, authorisation and approval, log book or document granted or required to be maintained under these rules shall, on demand for the purpose of inspection, by any magistrate, any police officer above the rank of sub-inspector, any Customs officer, any commissioned officer of the Naval, Military or Air Force of the Union, any gazetted officer of the Civil Aviation Department in Government of India, or any other person authorised by the Central Government by special or general order in writing in this behalf, be produced by the licensee or, in the case of an aircraft or of a licensed aerodrome, by the owner, hirer or person-in-charge thereof ;

Provided that any such licence, certificate, authorisation and approval, log book or document relating to an aircraft or its personnel which is not by these rules required to be carried in the aircraft shall be produced within seven days of the making of the demand.

[Amended by -(i) SRO No. 1019 dated 25-5-1952,

(ii) GSR No. 1567 dated 16-11-1962, and

(iii) GSR No. 1202 dated 23-7-1976, and

(iv) GSR 481(E) dated 15-05-2017]

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