19A. Restrictions on licence, certificate, authorisation or approval. (1) The Director-General may impose restrictions, as deemed fit, on any licence, certificate, authorisation or approval, ―

(a) in the event of non-compliance with any condition imposed on the said licence, certificate, authorisation or approval;

 (b) if any safety concern that emerged during an inspection has remained unresolved beyond the period specified by the Director-General.

(2) The Director-General may, during an inspection, direct any person not to exercise privileges of his licence or certificate if he is satisfied that there is sufficient ground for so doing and such direction shall be reduced in writing on the next working day along with reasons thereof, and further action for allowing the person concerned to exercise his privileges shall be taken thereafter in accordance with the process specified by the Director-General in this behalf.

                [Inserted by GSR No. 832(E) dated 30-06-2017]