23. Assault and other acts endangering safety or jeopardizing good order and discipline. (1) No person shall, on board an aircraft, ─

(a) assault, intimidate or threaten, whether physically or verbally, any person,


(b)     intentionally cause damage to or destroy any of property,


(c)     consume alcoholic beverages or drugs,


which is likely to endanger the safety of the aircraft or of any person or jeopardizes the good order and discipline on board the aircraft.

(2) For the purposes of rules 22 and 23, the jurisdiction of India shall, in addition to the applicability provided in rule 1 of these rules, also extend to any offence if the act constituting the offence took place on board any aircraft in flight outside India:


Provided that ─

(a) the next landing of the aircraft is in India; and


(b)     the Pilot-in-Command has delivered the suspected offender to the competent authorities of India, with the request that the authorities prosecute the suspected offender and with the affirmation that no similar request has been or shall be made by the Pilot-in-Command or the operator to any other State.



[Inserted by GSR No 766(E) dated 17.9.2010]