24A. Carriage of persons suffering from mental disorders or epillepsy in aircraft- No person shall knowingly carry or permit to be carried, or connive at the carriage of, a person suffering from any mental disorder or epillepsy in any aircraft:

Provided that this prohibition shall not apply if the person to be carried is certified by a registered medical practitioner to be fit to travel by air without being a risk to other passengers or to the aircraft, and in addition :-

(a) has not taken or used any alcoholic drink or preparation within twelve hours of the commencement of the flight;

(b) is kept under proper sedative, if in a state of excitement, during the flight and stops en route; and

(c) is accompanied by an attendant, provided that in case he has been in a state of excitement requiring sedation within the two weeks preceding the date of commencement of the flight, he shall be accompanied by a registered medical practitioner and adequate escort who shall individually and collectively be responsible for ensuring that no alcoholic drink or preparation is taken by the person in their charge and that such person is kept suitably sedated during the flight and stops en route.

[Inserted by SRO No. 2022 dated 21-10-1953 and

amended by SRO No. 662 dated 20-2-1957]

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