27. Carriage of persons in unauthorised parts of aircraft- No person shall at any time be carried on the wings or undercarriage of the aircraft, or on or in any other part thereof which is not designed for the accommodation of the personnel or passengers, or on or in anything attached externally to the aircraft:

Provided that -

(a) nothing in this rule shall prevent a person having temporary access -

(i) to any part of the aircraft for the purpose of executing repairs to the aircraft or adjusting the machinery, or equipment thereof or for the purpose of doing anything which may be necessary for the safety of the aircraft or persons or goods carried therein; or

(ii) to any part of the aircraft in which goods or stores are being carried and to which proper means of access is provided; and

(b) a person may be carried on or in any part of the aircraft, or anything attached thereto, with the permission in writing of the Central Government and subject to any conditions which may be specified in such permission.

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