29(D). Safety management system.(1) Every organization which –

(i) is holding a Scheduled or Non-Scheduled Operator’s Permit issued under rule 134 or 134A and engaged in the operation of aeroplanes or helicopters, as the case may be; or

(ii) is conducting operations of large or turbojet aeroplanes for general aviation; or

(iii) is engaged in the operation of an aerodrome licensed under rule 78; or

(iv) is engaged in the type design of aircraft, engines or propellers approved under rule 133B; or

(v) is engaged in manufacture of aircraft, engines or propellers approved under rule 133B; or

(vi) is a maintenance organisation approved under rule 133B and engaged in the maintenance of aeroplanes or helicopters; or

(vii) is a training organization approved under rule 41B; or

(viii) is an air traffic service provider,

shall establish and maintain a Safety Management System and prepare a Safety Management System Manual in such form and manner as may be specified by the Director-General and submit the same to the Director-General for acceptance.

(2) The Director-General or any other officer authorized by him may, at any reasonable time carryout oversight of the Safety Management System and the concerned organization shall co-operate with the Director-General or the person so authorized to carry out the oversight.

Explanation: —for the purpose of this rule, -

(a) “Safety Management System” means a systematic approach to managing safety, including the necessary organisational structures, accountability, responsibilities, policies and procedures;

(b) “Safety Management System Manual” means the document as accepted by the Director-General under sub-rule (1);

(c) “large aeroplane” means an aeroplane with all-up weight exceeding 5700 kilograms.


 [Inserted by GSR No. 59(E) dated 31-01-2011;

Substituted by GSR 911(E) dated 16-09-2016; and

Amended by GSR 1096(E) dated 9-11-2018]