32. Aircraft imported by air- When an application is made for the registration of an aircraft before its import into India, for the purpose of the import of the aircraft by air, a temporary certificate of registration may, subject to the conditions of sub-rule(3) of rule 30, be granted by the Central Government to the owner of the aircraft complying with clauses (a) and (b) of sub-rule (1) of rule 31. Such temporary certificate shall be valid only until the first landing of the aircraft at a customs aerodrome in India, when the certificate shall be delivered by the pilot or other person-in-charge to the the Director-General. There after, on production by or on behalf of the owner of the aircraft of the certificate mentioned in clause (c) of sub-rule (1) or rule 31, the certificate of registration may be granted by the Central Government:

[Amended by GSR 481(E) dated 15-05-2017]

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