33. Change in ownership- In the event of any change in the ownership of a registered aircraft, or if a registered aircraft ceases to be owned wholly either by a person or by a company or corporation fulfilling the conditions set out in rule 30, then -

(a) the registered owner of the aircraft shall forthwith notify to the Director-General such change of ownership or, as the case may be, that the aircraft has ceased to be so owned;

(b) any person, company or corporation who becomes the owner of an aircraft registered in India (hereinafter referred to as the New Owner) shall forthwith inform the Director-General in writing of the fact of his ownership of the aircraft and may make an application for a certificate of registration; such application shall be made in such form and shall contain such particulars as the Director-General may direct. Until such application is made and the certificate of registration is granted to the new owner, it shall not be lawful for any person to fly or assist in flying such aircraft except in accordance with and subject to a permission in writing of the Director-General;

(c) the registration and the certificate there-of shall remain valid until such registration and certificate have been cancelled by the Director-General;

[Amended by GSR No. 1202 dated 23-7-1976 and GSR No. 404(E) dated 14-7-1997]

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