35. Registration fees- (1) The following fee shall be payable in respect of a certificate of registration-

(a) for aircraft with all-up-weight below 15,000 Kgs-two hundred rupees.

(b) for aircraft with all-up-weight 15,000 Kgs and above- one thousand rupees.

(2) Where the original certificate of registration is lost or destroyed, a duplicate thereof may be issued on payment of a fee of fifty rupees.

(3) A fee of one hundred rupees shall be payable for the issue of a temporary certificate of registration referred to in rule 32.

(4) All fees payable under this rule shall be paid by crossed Indian Postal Order/Demand Draft payable to the Accounts Officer, Central Pay and Accounts Office, Civil Aviation Department Headquarters, New Delhi.

[Amended by - (i) GSR No. 1202 dated 23-7-1976,

(ii) GSR No. 194 dated 1-2-1980 as corrected by GSR No. 540 dated 26-4-1980, and

(iii) GSR No. 886 dated 24-10-1988]

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