37. Nationality and Registration Marks, how to be affixed- The following provisions of this rule shall have effect with respect to the marks to be borne by aircraft registered in India-

(1) The nationality mark of the aircraft shall be the capital letters VT in Roman character and the registration mark shall be a group of three capital letters in Roman character assigned by the Director-General. The letters shall be without ornamentation and a hyphen shall be placed between the nationality mark and the registration mark.

(2) The nationality and registration marks-

(a) shall be painted on the aircraft or shall be fixed thereto by any other means ensuring a similar degree of permanency in the form and manner as specified by the Director-General, from time to time;

(b) shall be inscribed together with full name and address of the registered owner of the aircraft on the owner's name plate in the form and manner specified by the Director-General from time to time; and

(c) shall always be kept clean and visible.

[Amended by GSR No. 1202 dated 23-7-1976]

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