3B.      Appeals - If any person is aggrieved by an order passed by an officer in exercise of a power conferred on him by these rules or delegated to him under rule 3A, he may prefer an appeal to the next higher officer within sixty days of the date of the order subject to the condition that not more than two appeals shall be filed in any one case.

Note:- For the purpose of this rule, the next higher officer in case of Director General shall be the Secretary to the Government of India in the Ministry of Civil Aviation Affairs.

[Vide GSR No. 80(E) dated 22-2-1993, sub-rule(1) of rule 3 became rule 3, sub-rules (2), (2A) and (3) thereof became new rule 3A, and a new rule 3B was inserted;

Amended by GSR 481(E) dated 15-05-2017]