41. Proof of competency- Applicants for licences and ratings shall produce proof of having acquired the flying experience and having passed satisfactorily the test and examinations specified in Schedule II in respect of the licence or rating concerned :

Provided that a person who is a qualified pilot from the Indian Air Force, Indian Navy or Indian Army or Indian Coast Guard and who produces satisfactory evidence to show that he possesses the necessary flying experience, competency and standards of physical fitness as required under these rules may be exempted by the Director-General, by general or special order in writing, and subject to such conditions, if any, as may be specified in such order, from all or any of the flying tests and from medical or other technical examinations required for the issue of the licences under these rules :

Provided further that a person to whom a licence of a particular class has been issued by the competent authority in a Contracting State may be exempted by the Director-General from all or any of the flying tests or technical examinations required for issue of a licence if his flying experience and competency are not less than the flying experience and competency laid down in Schedule II in respect of the corresponding licence under these rules. If he is the holder of a current licence, he may be further exempted from medical examination for the period for which his licence is current :

Provided further that in the case of a licence issued under any of the preceding provisions, only such type or types of aircraft shall be entered in the aircraft rating of the licence as in the opinion of the Director-General the applicant has sufficient and satisfactory experience and competency to fly :

Provided further that the Director-General may, on examination of the syllabi, determine the relative equivalence of technical examinations for granting exemptions to applicants from passing the examinations required under Schedule II :

Provided further that the Director-General may require any candidate, training establishment or operator to produce for examination all relevant training records, including the syllabi, certificates, mark-sheets, flight-test reports, assessments, etc., in respect of the candidate who has undergone a course of training, examination or flight-test, etc., with such training establishment or operator.

[Amended by- (i)  GSR No. 1238 dated 8-9-1962,

                (ii)     GSR No. 1112 dated 26-9-1973,

                (iii)   GSR No. 1172 dated 12-10-1973,

(iv)   GSR No. 28(E) dated 17-01-2011, and

(v) GSR 481(E) dated 15-05-2017]

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