41A. Checks, Tests and Examinations- (1) The Director-General may conduct examinations specified in Schedule II, may fix examination centres within India, appoint invigilators and lay down the procedure for conducting the examinations.

(2) The Director-General may appoint Examiners for carrying out flying tests and technical examinations required under Schedule II and may also appoint a Board to conduct oral examinations when necessary.

(3) The Director-General may determine the manner in which the skill tests shall be carried out and may approve check pilots and examiners for this purpose. He may require their reports to be submitted to him in respect of any flying test on any aircraft for which an aircraft rating is desired on a licence or which is entered in the aircraft rating of the licence and the renewal of which is desired or for checking skill at any time in respect of any aircraft included in the aircraft rating of the licence.

(4) The Director-General may debar permanently or temporarily a candidate from any flying test or examination if, in his opinion, the applicant has adopted unfair means during the test or examination.

(5) The Director-General may declare any flying test or examination conducted by an examiner or a Board, null and void, if in the opinion of the Director-General, the test or examination has not been carried out to his satisfaction, and require the test or the examination to be carried out again by another Examiner or Board and the Director-General may also take such action against the Examiner as he may deem fit under rule 19.

(6) If a licence holder or a candidate for a licence or rating has failed in any flying test subsequent to any flying test successfully undergone by him for issue or renewal of the licence or rating, the previous test as far as it is affected by the subsequent flying test in which he has failed, will be considered invalid from the date of the subsequent test and the privileges accruing as a result of such earlier test shall be deemed to have been withdrawn.

(7) Detailed syllabi for the technical examinations for the issue of flight crew licences and ratings shall be laid down by the Director-General.

[Inserted by GSR No. 1238 dated 8-9-1962 and

Amended by GSR 481(E) dated 15-05-2017]

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