42A. Fatigue Management of Flight Crew and Cabin Crew Members.―

(1) Taking into account the likely impact of fatigue on the level of alertness of flight crew members and cabin crew members, the maximum limits of flight time, flight duty period and duty period of flight crew members as well as cabin crew members, and also the minimum rest periods required to be observed by such crew members, may be specified by the Director-General.

(2) No flight crew member or cabin crew member of a flying machine registered in India, or wet leased by an Indian operator, shall contravene the limitations stipulated by the Director-General under sub-rule (1).

(3) Every Indian operator shall establish a scheme of flight and duty time limitations and minimum rest periods for its flight crew members as well as cabin crew members in accordance with the stipulations made by the Director-General under sub-rule (1) and submit the same to the Director-General for approval and after approval by the Director-General, such scheme shall form part of the Operations Manual of the concerned operator.

Explanation.—For the purposes of this rule, ‘Indian operator’ means an operator having his principal place of business, or his permanent residence, in India.

[Inserted by SRO No. 1154 dated 23-4-1952; and Substituted by GSR 911(E) dated 16-09-2016]

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