49B. Validation of Type Certificate or Restricted Type Certificate for an aeronautical product imported in India.―

(1) The Director-General may validate a type certificate or a restricted type certificate in respect of any aeronautical product that may be imported when, ―

(a) the State aviation authority of the country in which it is designed has issued a type certificate or a restricted type certificate or a similar document in respect of that aeronautical product, as the case may be;

(b) it meets the airworthiness requirements as specified by the Director-General; and

(c) the applicant furnishes such documents and technical data regarding the suitability of the product for aviation purposes as may be specified and as the Director-General may require.

(2) The Director-General may, by order in writing and subject to such conditions as may be stated in that order, exempt any aeronautical product from the provisions of this rule.

[Inserted by GSR No. 1202 dated 23-7-1976, and

Amended by (i) GSR No 97(E) dated 14-02-2014; and

(ii) GSR No 721(E) dated 23-6-2017]

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