49F. Issue of Supplemental Type Certificate in respect of an aeronautical product.─ The Director-General may issue a supplemental type certificate in respect of any aeronautical product for which a type certificate or a restricted type certificate has been issued or validated or accepted as provided in rules 49A, 49B and 49E, and which has undergone a structural modification or installation of new item of equipment on account of the following reasons, namely:-

(a) the aeronautical product in-service has developed deficiencies that may affect the safety or performance of the product;

(b) there is a genuine need of the operator to change the configuration of the aeronautical product; and

(c) there is a need to change or install new item of equipment for the purpose of enhancing safety or to bring in more user comfort.

[Inserted by GSR No 97(E) dated 14-02-2014;

                                                Amended by GSR No 721(E) dated 23-6-2017]

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