6B. Flights to qualify for extension of a licence- The holder of a pilot's licence may fly within the Indian territory as pilot of an aircraft of type which is not included in the aircraft rating of his licence for the purpose of qualifying for the inclusion of such type :

Provided that when he is so flying no person shall be carried on board the aircraft unless he is-

(a) a person required by the rules to be carried as member of the operating crew, or

(b) a person who is flying, with the consent of the operator of the aircraft, for the purpose of being trained as a member of the operating crew, or

(c) a person whose presence may be required on board the aircraft for the purpose of imparting or supervision of training or conducting a flight test, or

(d) a person who may be specially authorised by the Director-General :

Provided further that such flights are carried out within the local flying area or designated flying area of a licenced aerodrome or a Government aerodrome and prior notice of the flight is given to the person-in-charge of the aerodrome from which the flight is made. However, there are no restrictions for carrying out dual flying with Instructor on board even in areas away from the local flying area within the Indian terriotry, for learning general as well as route flying (navigation).

[Amended by GSR No. 63 dated 9-1-89. Substituted by GSR 637(E) dated 4-10-93]

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