6C.       Flights for testing and other non-revenue specific special purposes – The Director-General may authorise the holder of a licence to fly an aircraft not entered in the aircraft rating of the licence, for the purpose of testing or non-passenger-carrying flight subject to the terms and conditions of such authorisation, and the authorisation shall be limited in validity to the time needed to complete the testing or the specific flight:


            Provided that the holder of the licence produces evidence to show that he meets the requirements of competency as laid down by the Director-General for undertaking such flight:


Provided further that when the aircraft is test flown, no person, other than members of the operating crew, shall be carried on board the aircraft unless he is specifically authorised by the Director-General:


            Provided also that the test flight is carried out within the specified area and in accordance with the conditions stipulated by the Director-General in this behalf and prior notice of the flight is given to the officer-in-charge of the aerodrome from which the flight is to be made.

Explanation.—For the purpose of this rule, —

(1) an aircraft shall include an amateur-built aircraft; and

(2) the expression “specific special purpose non-revenue, non-passenger-carrying flight” shall include flights authorised by the Central Government in the event of national or international crisis, natural calamities, emergencies or otherwise requiring such flights to carry material or goods for relief purposes.


             (Inserted by GSR No. 262 dated 7th June, 2000; and

Amended by GSR No. 1358(E) dated 1.11.2017)


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