78A. Admission tickets for entry into Government Aerodromes- (1) No person shall enter or be in the terminal building of any Government aerodrome or part of such building or any other area in such aerodrome notified in this behalf by the Director-General, unless he holds an admission ticket valid for entry therein :

Provided that this sub-rule shall not apply to :-

(a) any passenger embarking, disembarking or in transit who holds an air ticket; or

(b) any person who is engaged on regular duty at an aerodrome and is exempted from the provisions of this sub-rule by general or special order in writing of the Director-General.

(c) children upto the age of three years.

(2) An admission ticket may be obtained from the aerodrome authority on payment of such amount as may be specified by the Director-General from time to time.

(3) The admission ticket shall be non-transferable and shall be produced for examination on demand by any officer authorised in this behalf by the Director-General.

(4) (a) An admission ticket may be a single entry ticket authorising single entry or a seasonal entry ticket authorising several entries during a season that is to say, a month, quarter or half-year, into the terminal building or part of such building or other area referred to in sub-rule (1).

(b) A single entry ticket shall be valid for entry once only into such building or part or area as aforesaid.

(c) A seasonal entry ticket shall be valid for the period specified therein, irrespective of the number of entries into such building, part or area, made under the authority thereof.

(5) Notwithstanding anything contained in this rule, the Director-General, the officer in-charge of an aerodrome or any other officer authorised by the Director-General in this behalf may, if he is satisfied that it is necessary or expedient so to do for the maintenance of proper order or decorum, refuse admission to any person into the terminal building or any part of such building, or any other area, in a Government aerodrome or require any person is such building, part or area to leave the same.

[Inserted by GSR No. 1101 dated 12-7-1967, and

Amended by- (i) GSR No. 1926 dated 23-12-1967,

(ii) GSR No. 1201 dated 23-7-1976], and

(iii) GSR No. 231 dated 20-2-1973.]

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