81A. Prohibition of entry into movement area of an Aerodrome- No person shall, without permission in writing, by general or special order, of the Director- General or any officer authorised in this behalf-

(a) enter or remain or cause any other person to enter or remain in the Movement area;

(b) leave or throw or cause to be thrown any animal, bird or property or object of any nature whatsoever in the Movement area;

(c) permit any animal under his possession or control or otherwise to stray in the Movement area; and

(d) operate any vehicle in the Movement area:

Provided that the provisions contained in clause (a) of this rule shall not apply to-

(i) persons authorised under rule 78-A of these rules;

(ii) bonafide passengers and crew members and their baggage, freight and mail during the process of embarkation and disembarkation in the Movement area.

[Inserted by GSR No. 159 dated 10-1-1972]

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