82. Inspection. Ė (1) Any person, authorised by the Director-General by general or special order in writing in this behalf, shall have unrestricted and unlimited access to inspect and carry out tests on the aerodrome facilities, services and equipment, inspect aerodrome operatorís documents and records, and verify the aerodrome operatorís safety management system before the licence is granted or renewed and subsequently, at any other time, for the purpose of surveillance to ensure safety and order at the aerodrome.

(2) The aerodrome operator shall allow the person so authorised, access to any part of the aerodrome or any aerodrome facility, including equipment, records, documents and operatorís personnel and shall co-operate in conducting the activities referred to in sub-rule (1)


[Substituted by Ė GSR No. 732(E) dated 02-11-2004

Amended by (i) GSR No. 1156(E) dated 15-12-2016; and

(ii) GSR 1096(E) dated 9-11-2018]