83. Conditions governing the grant of licence. (1) An aerodrome licence shall be granted or renewed subject to such conditions as the Director-General considers necessary to ensure compliance with the Convention and the safety of aircraft operations.

(2) While a licence is in force, no alterations to the landing area or to the buildings or other structures on the aerodrome which may affect the safety of aircraft shall be undertaken save with the previous approval of the Director-General and application for such approval shall be addressed to the Director-General and shall be accompanied by full particulars with plans of any such alterations including alterations to surrounding obstructions which may affect the safety of aircraft.

(3)The necessary approval may be granted or withheld and if granted may be granted subject to such conditions (including conditions involving a revision of the original conditions of licence) as the Director-General may think fit.

(4) If any alteration of the nature referred to in sub-rule (2) is undertaken without the previous approval of the Director-General, the licence may be cancelled.

(5) The licensee shall maintain the aerodrome in a fit state for use by aircraft and adequately marked to the satisfaction of the Director-General during the whole period of the currency of the licence and shall, if the aerodrome becomes unserviceable, immediately notify the Director-General.

(6) The Director-General may impose operating restriction on the license in the event of non-compliance with any condition imposed under sub-rule (1) or if any safety concern emerges during the aerodrome inspection and remains unresolved beyond the period specified by the Director-General.


[Substituted by GSR No. 732(E) dated 02-11-2004

Amended by GSR No. 1156(E) dated 15-12-2016.]