88A. Aviation security fees - (1) The Central Government, or any other authority designated by it in its behalf, may levy and collect aviation security fees on:


(a) embarking passengers;

(b) cargo transported out of an airport;

(c) departing private aircrafts of general aviation;

(d) chartered aircraft operations; and

(e) any other dedicated civil aviation operations,


at such rate or rates, as the Central Government may specify from time to time, and different rates may be specified for different categories specified herein, to meet the expenditure on aviation security.


3. The aviation security fee shall be regulated and utilized in the manner as may be specified by the Central Government.


4. For the purposes of this rule -


(a) the expression “Civil Aviation Security” shall mean the protection of the civil aviation operations against the acts of unlawful interference;

(b) the expression “expenditure on aviation security” means any expenditure incurred on—


(i) deployment of any security agency designated by the Central Government for providing the ‘Civil Aviation Security’; and

(ii) such other expenditure as may be decided by the Central Government from time to time.


[Inserted by G.S.R. 166(E) dated 05-03-2014]


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