95. Licensing Authority.– (1) Subject to fulfilment of the requirements specified in this Part and Schedule III, the Central Government may grant or renew the following licences and ratings, namely:-

(a)        Student Air Traffic Controller’s Licence

(b)        Air Traffic Controller’s Licence

(c)                Aerodrome Control Rating

(d)               Approach Control Procedural Rating

(e)                Approach Control Surveillance Rating

(f)                Area Control Procedural Rating

(g)               Area Control Surveillance Rating

(h)               Omitted

(i)                 Oceanic Control Rating

(2) Before grant or renewal of a  licence or rating, the licensing authority  shall satisfy itself that the applicant meets the requirements of age, qualification, medical standard, knowledge,  experience, training  and skill, as specified in Schedule III.      

(3)  The licence shall not be valid unless it bears the signature of the holder.

(4)  The licence shall remain valid for the period indicated therein which shall not exceed the period specified in rule104 unless suspended or cancelled earlier.

(5) The Central Government may withhold the grant or renewal of a licence or rating and may cancel, suspend or vary any licence or rating if it is satisfied that there is a reasonable ground to do so:

Provided that no such licence or rating shall be cancelled or suspended without giving a show cause notice, in writing, informing the holder of the licence or rating the ground on which it is proposed to suspend or cancel the licence or rating and giving him a reasonable opportunity of making a representation in writing within such reasonable time as may be specified in the notice and, if that person so desires, of being heard. 

(6) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule (5), if the Central Government is of the opinion that in the interest of public safety it is necessary so to do, it may, for the reasons to be recorded in writing, summarily suspend the licence or rating with a view to making further enquiry. 


[Inserted by GSR No 64(E) dated 3-2-2012; and

Amended by GSR 1089(E) dated 05-11-2018]


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