Civil Aircraft Register 

The current files were updated on 29/01/2004

This file contains extracts from the register. It will show as an Excel file under Windows but can be opened by any program that can read a comma-delimited file. It can be downloaded in one of three formats:

register.txt (approximately 240 Kb comma-delimited text file) (approximately 42 Kb zip compressed version of the text file)

List of fields contained in the files.
Descriptions of the codes used.
DGCA Form for registration of aircraft
Please note

Available marks

Available marks A list of registration marks currently not being used. 
Instructions on how to reserve a Registration mark

Update reports

Update reports - These reports list additions, deletions and other changes to the aircraft database over the month

Using the data

Unzipping files and downloading text files
Instructions for Microsoft Excel Fixing date field problems, how to sort the data
Downloading to disk and using Microsoft Access database Loading the data into a new database

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The information provided herein is a compilation of data taken from the Indian Aircraft Register and other information that DGCA, India holds on its Aircraft Register database. The Indian Civil Aircraft Register is available for inspection by members of the public at the Director General of Civil Aviation Office located at:

O/o Director General of Civil Aviation
Opp. Safdarjung Airport,
New Delhi, India

(Airworthiness Directorate)
between the hours of 10.00am - 12.00pm and 3.00pm - 5.00pm Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays)