INCLUDING ROTORCRAFT)

                        1. Aircraft Materials

     A general knowledge of the workshop processes , welding  and 
     protective treatments.

     A detailed knowledge of methods of assessment and removal of 
     corrosion including treatment and reprotection.

     Knowledge  of  effect of various alloying elements  used  in 
     steel,  properties and their use.

     Detailed knowledge of Heat treatment of Steel and Aluminium.

     Detailed  knowledge of surface hardening processes  used  on 
     aircraft metals.

     Detailed  knowledge of identification and  physical  charac-
     teristics  of commonly used composite  materials,  plastics, 
     sealants,  fluids and rubbers and their inspection  and  re-

     Detailed  knowledge  of metallic/ fabric materials  used  in 
     aircraft  structure;  the types of defects  associated  with 
     them;    inspection for deterioration, and methods of recti-
     fication and reprotection; procedures for testing the sound-
     ness of these materials.

     Detailed  knowledge  of wooden structures and  the  adhesive 
     used  in them; types of defects; inspection  for  deteriora-
     tion;  methods of rectification and  reprotection,  Detailed 
     knowledge of inspection to prove soundness in wooden  struc-
     tures  and  glued  joints (applicable to  only  to  aircraft 
     having wooden structures).

                           2. Aerodynamics

     Elementary knowledge of the subsonic airflow and the various 
     terms used therein.

     Detailed knowledge of the characteristics of the aerofoils.

     Knowledge  of the forces acting on the Aircraft  during  all 
     phases of flight.

     Knowledge of Aircraft Stability and Control.

     Elementary  knowledge  of the effect  of  altitude,  weight, 
     changes of engine power on performance of the aircraft. 

                        3. Aircraft Structures

     Detailed  knowledge of the various types of structures  used 
     in aircraft construction, Station Nos.

     Knowledge of fail-safe and safe-life concept.

     Detailed knowledge of damage tolerance, SSID, major  repair. 

     Detailed  knowledge of NDT techniques and corrosion  preven-

                         4. Aircraft Systems

     General   knowledge   of  the  function and detailed  knowl-
     edge of inspection and overhaul of the following :

     (a)  Structure  and structural components  constructed  from 
          metal,   glass   fibre,   glass   reinforced   plastic, 

     (b)  Furnishing  materials,  paints,  surface  finishes  and 
          associated materials.

     (c)  Flight controls; hydraulics; pneumatics; landing  gear; 
          brakes;  nose wheel steering; ice and rain  protection; 
          fire detection and protection, warning and  extinguish-
          ing;  oxygen; airconditioning and  pressurization  sys-
          tems; wheels; tyres; antiskid system.

     (d)  Windows, doors and emergency exits.

     A  detailed  knowledge of the procedures for  the  overhaul/ 
     testing of component parts of pneumatic, hydraulic,  aircon-
     ditioning, oxygen, anti-icing, de-icing, fire extinguishing, 
     rotorcraft transmission system (if applicable).

                      5. Inspection Of Aircraft

     Detailed  knowledge of preparing the aircraft  for  complete 
     overhaul/  inspection. Procedure of removal of  main  compo-

     A  general  knowledge of preparation of  inspection  reports 
     prior to repair/ overhaul.

     Knowledge  of defect reporting, analysis, investigation  and 

     A detailed knowledge of the use of workshop inspection aids, 
     including NDT equipments, factors and limitations  effecting 
     the choice of equipment and methods of inspection used. 

     A  detailed  knowledge  of  the  assembly,  approved  repair 
     schemes  applicable  to major  components  including  engine 
     mounting  structures;  inspection before, during  and  after 
     repair including the alignment and symmetry checks.

     A  detailed knowledge of the repair, inspection and  testing 
     of water, fuel and oil tanks, heat exchanger units, fuel and 
     oil systems and all types of control systems.

     A detailed knowledge of the weighing of Aircraft and  prepa-
     ration of weight schedule.Terms related to Aircraft weighing 
     and preparation of aircraft before weighing.

     A  detailed knowledge of the procedure for final  inspection 
     of an Aircraft after overhaul and major repair.

     A  detailed  knowledge  of the care, use  and  checking  for 
     accuracy of special tools.