Category  D  :  PISTON ENGINES 

     Note  :-  This is in addition to the syllabus  already  pre-
     scribed for category C, paper III of Piston Engines.

                       1. General Requirements

     Detailed  knowledge of the layout of the  overhaul  workshop 
     including Engine test-bed.

     A detailed knowledge of the use of workshop inspection aids, 
     including NDT equipments; factors and limitations  effecting 
     the choice of equipment and methods of inspection used. 

     A  detailed  knowledge  of the care, use  and  checking  for 
     accuracy of special tools used in overhaul of the engine.

                            2. Metallurgy

     Knowledge  of effect of various alloying elements in  steel; 
     Properties and use of Alloyed Steel.

     Detailed knowledge of Heat treatment of Steel and Aluminium.

     Detailed  knowledge of surface hardening processes  used  on 
     engine parts.

     A  general knowledge of the workshop processes, welding  and 
     protective treatments.

     Knowledge  of materials used in engine construction;  proce-
     dures for testing the soundness of these materials.

     A detailed knowledge of methods of assessment and removal of 
     corrosion including treatment and reprotection.

                       3. Inspection and Repair

     A  general  knowledge of preparation of  inspection  reports 
     prior to repair/ overhaul.

     Detailed  knowledge  of preparing the  engine  for  complete 
     overhaul/ inspection; procedure of dismantling the engine.

     A detailed knowledge of the repair, reconditioning,  adjust-
     ments and assembly of major components; inspection before, 
     during  and after the repair/ reconditioning of  the  compo-

     A  detailed knowledge of the repair, inspection and  testing 
     of oil heat exchanger units, fuel and oil systems and engine 
     control systems.

     A  detailed knowledge of the procedure for final  inspection 
     of the engine after overhaul/ major repair.

     Knowledge of the various methods of engine testing (dynamom-

     eter  etc.); Detailed knowledge of the procedure of  testing 
     the  engine after complete overhaul and monitoring its  per-
     formance with the help of graphs/ curves.