P A P E R   III  

                  Category I : AIRCRAFT INSTRUMENTS 

                    1. Terminology and Conversion

     Knowledge of the general Instrument terminology; conversions  
     of measuring units from one system to another.

                         2. General Concepts

     Knowledge  of the atmosphere.

     Knowledge of fundamentals of electricity.

     Knowledge  of principle of operation and characteristics  of 
     DC  and  AC  Generators and Motors; and  speed  control  and 
     reversing the direction of motors.

     Knowledge  of  principle of operation  of  transformers  and 

     Detailed knowledge of the construction, principle of  opera-
     tion of servomotors and rate generators and system  response 
     to  displacement  (position)  and  rate  (velocity)  command 

     signals;  purpose of pullup and feedback signals; causes  of 
     hunting  and methods of damping; troubleshooting  of  servo-

     Knowledge  of basic principle of thermionics and  properties 
     of semi-conductor materials.

     Knowledge  of symbols, truth tables and equivalent  circuits 
     for logic gates. 

     Knowledge of the terms used, basic operation and interfacing 
     of major components of computer.  

     Knowledge  of  the  types and operation  of  displays  (LED, 
     Liquid Crystal etc.).

     Knowledge of CRTs and its application.

     Knowledge of functions performed and overall operation of  a 

     Knowledge  of  handling of microelectronic  circuit  devices 
     (Electrostatic Sensitive Devices (ESD)).

     General understanding of the terms relating to Theory of 
     Flight : Longitudinal Axis, Lateral Axis and Vertical  Axis,
     Yawing,  Rolling, Pitching, Azimuth Heading,  Course,  side-
     slip,  skidding,  Coordinated  turn,  Stability,  angle   of 
     attack, chord, stall, lift, drag, thrust.
     General  knowledge  of  the purpose and  action  of  primary 
     control surfaces, trim tabs and wing flaps.

     Knowledge  of the principle of operation,  construction  and 
     characteristics of pressure sensitive and temperature sensi-
     tive elements.

     Knowledge  of  the principle  of  operation,  constructional 
     features and characteristics of Gyroscopes.

                 3. Aircraft Instruments and systems

     Knowledge  of  principle of  operation   and   construction; 
     detailed  knowledge  of  procedures  of  replacement,  field 
     maintenance, functional testing and trouble shooting of :

     Altimeters, Airspeed Indicators, Vertical Speed  Indicators, 
     pitot heads, pitot static lines, static selectors and  mois-
     ture traps;

     Air  Driven  Gyros, Artificial Horizons and  Turn  and  Bank 

     Venturi  tubes,  vacuum pumps,  relief  valves,  regulators, 
     check valves and filters;

      Turn and Bank indicators operated by direct gauges;

     Capillary tube type pressure and temperature gauges;

     Position Indicators operated by Direct Current;

     Fluid  Quantity  Indicators operated by Direct  current  and 

     Wheatstone bridge; ratiometer and thermocouple type tempera-

     ture Indicators;

     Three Phase engine rpm indicators and synchroscopes;

     Centrifugal governor type and magnetic drag-cup type  engine 
     rpm indicators;

     Direct reading and remote reading compasses;

     AC operated gyro instruments; 

     AC synchro instruments.

                          4.Autopilot System

     Knowledge  of  function  and operation of  components  in  a 
     typical Autopilot system; responses of the system  in flight 
     and during functional checks on ground.

                           5. Oxygen System

     Knowledge of function, layout and features of components  of 
     typical  oxygen  system; and  detailed   knowledge   of  the 
     replacement  procedures   and  safety   precautions   to  be 

                    6. Inertial Navigation System

     Knowledge  of  principle of operation and  function  of  the 
     components of Inertial Navigation System.

                      7. Satellite Communication

     Elementary  principle  of satellite  Communication  and  its 
     application to aircraft.