Category X :   Installation   and  Compensation  of   Remote 
                    Reading Compass

     Note  :   In  addition to the syllabus for  I/C  for  Direct 
     Reading Compass, the following syllabus is to be followed.

     Knowledge  of  the  general principles  of  construction  of 
     remote-reading  aircraft compasses, the principle of  opera-
     tion  and functioning of the particular type for  which  the 
     application  is  made and the inspection of  the  components 
     parts necessary, prior to installation in the aircraft.

     Knowledge of the installation and the correct positioning of 
     the  remote-reading compass in the Aircraft,  including  the 
     component  and  accessories; points to be observed  and  the 
     procedure adopted before adjustments are made.
     Knowledge  of  the  methods and procedure  adopted  for  the 
     compensation of the remote-reading compass in the  aircraft, 
     the adjustments to be made to the master compass, the master 
     indicator,  the  repeater units in order to  ensure  correct