Category X :  Electrical   equipment   including   magnetos 
                    fitted on Aircraft having AUW below 5700 Kgs.

     Knowledge  of the construction and functioning of all  types 
     of electromagnetic induction machines including magnetos.

     Detailed knowledge of the methods of carrying out  overhauls 
     and repairs to electrical equipment.

     Detailed  knowledge of the inspections necessary  to  detect 
     defects, mechanical, electrical and magnetic, as a result of 
     wear  and  deterioration and the permissible  allowances  in 
     each case.

     Knowledge   of  the  inspection  of  components/  parts   of 
     electrical equipment.

     Knowledge  of  the  equipments/  instruments  required   for 
     testing the electrical equipments and detailed knowledge  of 
     the  methods/ procedures employed in carrying out the  func-
     tional/  serviceability  tests of the  electrical  equipment 
     after repair/ overhaul.

     Detailed  knowledge  of the  installation/  functioning  and 
     testing of Batteries.

     Knowledge of the selection and inspection of materials  used 
     in  the  construction,  repair and  overhaul  of  electrical 

     Knowledge of the interpretation of circuit/ wiring diagrams.