Category X : Variable Pitch Propellers


     Knowledge of the principle of thrust producing  characteris-
     tics of propellers.

     Knowledge  of the construction and functioning of all  types 
     of VP propellers and its components.

     Detailed knowledge of the methods of carrying out  overhauls 
     and repairs to VP Propellers.

     Detailed  knowledge of the inspections necessary  to  detect 
     defects,  as  a  result of wear and  deterioration  and  the 
     permissible allowances in each case.

     Knowledge  of  the  inspection of components/  parts  of  VP 

     Knowledge of the equipments/ instruments/ test-bed  required 
     for  testing  the VP propeller and associated  systems;  and 
     detailed  knowledge of the methods/ procedures  employed  in 
     carrying out the functional/ serviceability tests of the  VP 
     propellers and associated systems after repair and overhaul.

     Knowledge of the selection and inspection of materials  used 
     in  the construction, repair and overhaul of  VP  propellers 
     and associated systems.

     Detailed knowledge of the inspection of a complete propeller 
     for correct assembly, adjustment, weight and balance;  meth-
     ods  employed  for correcting balance  and  checking  torque 
     loading of blades.

     Knowledge  of the installation of a propeller to an  engine; 
     check testing and adjustment for performance and  correction 
     of faults.