P A P E R   I

                    Aircraft Rules and Regulations

     Knowledge of Aircraft Rules as far as they relate to airwor-
     thiness and safety of aircraft.

     Knowledge of Privileges and responsibilities of the  various 
     categories of AME Licence and approved persons.

     Knowledge of "Civil Airworthiness Requirements", "Aeronauti-
     cal  Information  Circulars  (relating  to  airworthiness)", 
     "Advisory Circulars" and AME Notices issued by DGCA.

     Knowledge of various mandatory documents like Certificate of 
     Registration, Certificate of Airworthiness , Flight  Manual, 
     Export Certificate of Airworthiness.

     Method of identifying approved material on Aircraft.

     Knowledge  of  various  documents/  certificates  issued  to 
     establish airworthiness of Aircraft parts.

     Various  logbooks  required to be maintained  for  Aircraft. 
     Method  of  maintaining the logbook.  Procedure  for  making 
     entries in logbooks; Journey logbook, Technical logbook etc.

     Use of schedules, its certification, preservation.

     Stores:  Bonded  and Quarantine stores, storage  of  various 
     aeronautical   products  including  rubber  goods,   various 

     Knowledge  of  various terms such as Certificate  of  Flight 
     Release, Certificate of Maintenance, Approved Certificates.

     Condition under which Aircraft is required to be test flown; 
     Certificate to be issued by AME for test flight.

     Circumstances under which C of A is suspended.

     Ferry Flight, MEL, CDL.

     Minimum  equipments, instruments required for various  types 
     of operation.

     Modification,  concession, Airworthiness Directive,  Service 

     Approval of Organisation.
     Documents required to be carried on board.
     Issue of Type Approval.
     Registration markings.

     Human performance and limitations relevant to the duties of 
     an aircraft maintenance engineer licence holder.