Category  A  : AIRFRAME  (AIRCRAFT HAVING AUW 5700  KG.  AND 

                        1.  Aircraft Materials
     Knowledge  of  effect of various alloying  elements  in  the 
     structure of steel/ Aluminium, their properties and use.

     Knowledge of Heat treatment of Steel and Aluminium.

     Knowledge  of surface hardening processes used  on  aircraft 

     Knowledge of identification and physical characteristics  of 
     commonly  used composite materials, plastics,  sealants  and 
     rubbers and their inspection and repair.

     Detailed  knowledge of metallic  materials used in  aircraft 
     structure;  the  types  of  defects  associated  with  them;    
     inspection  for deterioration, and methods of  rectification 
     and  reprotection; procedures for testing the  soundness  of 
     these materials.

     Detailed  knowledge of the various  types of corrosion  com-
     monly  encountered  on aircraft metals,  their  removal  and 
     methods employed to prevent corrosion.

     Knowledge of use of hardness testing machines, various types 
     of hardness no. and surfaces finishes.

                           2. Aerodynamics

     Knowledge of the characteristics of the subsonic,  transonic 
     and supersonic airflow and the various terms used therein.

     Knowledge  of the characteristics of the aerofoils used  for 
     subsonic and transonic flights.

     Knowledge  of the forces acting on the Aircraft  during  all 
     phases of flight.

     Detailed knowledge of Aircraft Stability and Control.

     Knowledge  of  the effect of altitude,  weight,  changes  of 
     engine power on performance of the aircraft. 

     Knowledge  of various types of high lift and  drag  devices, 
     their  operation, vortex generators, boundary  layer  fences 

     Knowledge of the following : 

          Sweepback  wing; High incidence tailplane;  aerodynamic 
          loading; superstall; load factors; aquaplaning; fly  by 
          wire concept.

                       3.  Aircraft Structures

     General  understanding  of the various types  of  structures 
     used in Aircraft construction, Station Nos.

     Knowledge of fail-safe and safe-life concept.
     Knowledge   of  such  terms  as  damage  tolerance,   ageing 
     aircraft, SSID.

                         4. Aircraft Systems

     General   knowledge    of  the   function,  maintenance  and 
     inspection of the following :

     (a)  Structure  and structural components  constructed  from 
          metal,  glass fibre, glass reinforced  plastic,  vinyl, 

     (b)  Furnishing  materials,  paints,  surface  finishes  and 
          associated materials.

     (c)  Elementary  flight  controls including power  operated/ 
          assisted   flight  controls;  hydraulics;   pneumatics; 
          landing  gear;  brakes; nose  wheel  steering;  wheels; 
          tyres;  antiskid; ice and rain protection; fire  detec-
          tion and protection, warning and extinguishing; oxygen; 
          airconditioning and pressurization systems; life saving 
          equipment  including  inflatable slides,  dinghies  and 

     (d)  Windows, doors and emergency exits.

                5. Aircraft Instruments and Equipments

     Elementary  knowledge of the operational principles  of  all 
     instruments (except the engine related instruments).   

     Knowledge of construction of various types of Direct Reading 
     Compass, various related terms used in electricity/  magnet-
     ism, and compass swing precautions and procedures.

                      6. Inspection Of Aircraft

     Knowledge of minor defects and various methods of rectifica-
     tion  and  repair  of minor defects,  rigging  of  aircraft, 
     periodical inspection necessary to check the  serviceability 
     of  the  Aircraft, inspection of the  Aircraft  after  heavy 

     landing, lightening strike and abnormal flight loads, prepa-
     ration of a brief report with the help of sketches if neces-
     sary in case of damage to the Aircraft.
     Knowledge  of terms related to aircraft  weighing,  prepara-
     tion/ precaution and method of weighing the aircraft.

     Knowledge of duplicate inspection of control systems.